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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy 

In this document, the following capitalised definitions apply:

a)   Privacy Policy: the policy stipulated and implemented by Schouten & Nelissen regarding the use and processing of personal data, as recorded in this document;

b)   Schouten & Nelissen: the conglomerate of companies subject to the Privacy policy, viz., SNR Schouten Global B.V., as well as its subsidiaries SNR Schouten & Nelissen Recovery B.V., Schouten & Nelissen Nederland B.V., Schouten Training B.V. and SNR Schouten International B.V.

c)   Website: the website of Schouten & Nelissen at www.sn.nl

d)   Personal Data: data provided by commissioning parties and clients of Schouten & Nelissen, as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP)

e)   User: every user of the Website

f)    Commissioning Party, Client: any third party who has entered into an agreement with Schouten & Nelissen by virtue of which Personal Data needs to be provided.

g)   Confidential Information: information obtained by Schouten & Nelissen during the execution of the work (training, study, coaching, etc.) and which it classifies as confidential and which is subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Article 2: General


Schouten & Nelissen has been the leading training and consultancy agency for personal and organisational development since as early as 1980. Personal data is recorded within the framework of the activities carried out by Schouten & Nelissen. Schouten & Nelissen will treat this Personal Data, as well as the Confidential Information, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. With a view to this Personal Data, Schouten & Nelissen will act in accordance with the professional code for psychologists of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP). In addition, all employees of Schouten & Nelissen are subject to an internal code of conduct which also contains provisions regarding the protection of Personal Data.


Article 3. Purpose of registering Personal Data


By registering Personal Data, Schouten & Nelissen aims to systematically record, store and make data of Commissioning Parties and Clients available in order to:

  1. carry out all work associated with the enrolment and participation in training, study, coaching or internal company project;
  2. respond to requests for information from the Commissioning Party and Clients;
  3. send out newsletters and other news items, interesting courses and developments, all this within the framework of the relevant legislation; 
  4. conduct analyses to improve the service provision;
  5. carry out all other work and processes associated with the business operations of Schouten & Nelissen.



Article 4. Confidentiality


Personal Data and Confidential Information are at all times treated by Schouten & Nelissen in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.


Employees of Schouten & Nelissen are bound by contractual provisions by virtue of which they must treat Personal Data and Confidential Information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


By hiring third parties to carry out work for Commissioning Parties and Clients, Schouten & Nelissen enters into an agreement with these parties, thereby securing the confidentiality of Personal Data and Confidential Information to a sufficient degree.


Article 5. Use of Personal Data and Confidential Information


The processing of Personal Data is only intended for the purpose for which it was transferred and registered. Schouten & Nelissen does not make Personal Data and Confidential Information available to third parties, unless this is an express wish of the Commissioning Party or Client or if the transfer of data is necessary for the performance of the contract.


Article 6. Security, storage and disposal


Schouten & Nelissen has taken the necessary measures to promote the physical, technical and organisational security of the Personal Data and Confidential Information, so that the registration thereof is protected against unauthorised consultation, provision, change and/or deletion of data, as well as against fire and similar hazards, including burglary and theft.


Schouten & Nelissen ensures that it complies with the provisions of these regulations, as long as they apply, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.


Personal Data and Confidential Information will be retained for the purposes as indicated, or for as long as the law prescribes. In the event of circumstances giving rise thereto, Schouten & Nelissen may retain the data for longer.


Article 7. Provision of data within Schouten & Nelissen


Within Schouten & Nelissen, Personal Data and Confidential Information will only be provided to employees of Schouten & Nelissen who, by virtue of their duties, need to have access to this data and this is consistent with the purpose of the registration thereof.


Article 8. Provision of data to third parties


Schouten & Nelissen will refrain from forwarding Personal Data and Confidential Information to third parties, unless:

a)      forwarding is effected to a processor engaged by Schouten & Nelissen for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy, with whom Schouten & Nelissen has entered into an agreement which ensures that the processor provides sufficient guarantees in respect of the technical and organisational security measures in respect of the processing to be performed and, or

b)      Schouten & Nelissen is legally obliged to forward the Personal Data or Confidential Information to the competent authorities.


Article 9. Right of inspection and change


The Commissioning Party, the Client and the User have the right to inspect, correct, add to, remove and protect their respective Personal Data, all this in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. If a Commissioning Party, Client or User wishes to exercise (one of) those rights, or if he/she has any questions about the Schouten & Nelissen Privacy Policy, he/she can send Schouten & Nelissen an e-mail to info@sn.nl.



Article 10. Cookies


Schouten & Nelissen uses cookies. The Schouten & Nelissen ‘Cookie Policy’, which contains further information about the use of cookies, including the purposes for which Schouten & Nelissen uses cookies, can be consulted at www.sn.nl.


Article 11. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Schouten & Nelissen reserves the right to adjust this Privacy Policy. Each adjustment will be announced on this page of the website. Schouten & Nelissen advises Commissioning Parties, Customers and Users to regularly check this page for any changes.

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