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In the world of development programs for professionals, Schouten University offers unique value to increase your impact as a trainer or coach by offering you world-class certification programs. Working together with our global partners and trainers, Schouten University brings insights, tools and new skills that will you to get the most out of your training and coaching programs.

Co-Active Coaching (CTI)

Changing people, transforming lives: developed by industry leader CTI

Co-Active Coaching | Certification Program

  • A professional credential from the world’s best applied-practice coach training program
  • In-depth and personalized feedback about your coaching from experienced coaches
  • Learning by modeling pioneers in the industry
  • Belonging to a powerful network of professional colleagues, Certified Professional Co-active Coaches

Training for trainers

Schouten Global's certification program for trainers and facilitators

Training for Trainers

International Certification Program

Professional trainers facilitate others to unleash their potential, so people become happier and more effective at what they do. During the 'Training for Trainers' you will learn the necessary skillset to develop the soft skills of others.

The Leadership Circle Profile Certification (TLCPC)

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a powerful, 360º tool that offers more than just insight into learning competencies.

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

  • Get certified to work with Leadership Circle Profile™
  • Be able to start up a deep conversation with your coachee by using the TLC 360°-feedback instrument
  • Get to know the theoretical background on which the profile is based

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)

Groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organizations and groups, teams, partnerships and couples.

ORSC | Fundamentals

  • Evoke and work with a deeper meaning in systems
  • Reveal the wisdom and power of systems and use them for achieving common goals
  • Facilitate transformational change in teams, organizations and relations
  • Defuse a conflict using alignment skills

ORSC | Intermediate

  • Integrate the skills and tools of Relationship Intelligence, System Geography and Relationship Path
  • Apply coaching techniques for deepening and managing emotionally intense issues
  • Understand the function of relationship structures
  • Recognize and help manage the need for periodic change in these structures

ORSC | Package deals

  • If you intend to do both Fundamentals or ORS@Work and Intermediate you can register with an attractive package discount

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