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Five reasons why our clients choose Schouten Global

  1. Creating New Ways of Thinking and Doing

Our colleagues build capacity and stimulate learning that is grounded in the real work context and results in new ways of thinking and acting. We help your colleagues to "create what is next" vs. only "manage what is".

  1. Customized Solutions

There is no "one size fits all" approach to learning. Based on our 35 years of global experience and our keystone training programs, along with the latest scientific research, we develop a program that fits your needs and is aligned with your organization's strategic goals and values.

  1. Integrated in the Real Work Context

You learn the most when you are able to apply your learning immediately in your own work context. That's why our trainers work as much as possible with your own business cases and involve your managers and direct colleagues.

  1. Trainer = Your Coach

Our certified trainers help you to reach full potential by aligning your values, talents and strengths with the organization's strategy and goals. Inspiring meetings with our trainers and other participants ensures you will get the best out of the program and yourself. Not because you have to, but because you want to!

  1. Over 38 Years of Global Experience

Schouten Global was founded over 38 years ago. Over 400+ back-office staff provide key support to a network of 700+ strategically located trainers that, to date, have served the needs of more than 5.000 customers worldwide.

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